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From 2000 to 2007, NSU (nationalsozialistischer untergrund), that is, an organization of neonazi murderers had executed in cold blood 9 immigrants (8 turks and a greek) and a police officer, they had also committed several bomb attacks in immigrant neighborhoods as well as 14 bank robberies. All these, without being arrested by the police. On the contrary, however, the neonazis were acting under the protective wings of the german secret services (BfV), which, even though they were watching them from the early 90s, they did not choose to stop the neonazis’ national-liberating heroic deeds.

All these would seem as a paradox only for someone that ignores german history. The story of the members of the national-socialist regime and the story of immunity that those enjoyed in post-war germany (with Hanns-Martin Schleyer being one of the most well-known examples) proves that the german state does not share any negative prejudice towards its nazis. The very services of the VsB found its members from former SS and in its struggle “against any kind of political extremism”, the prior experience of the Gestapo members was surely found invaluable.
In the reprocessing of the NSU murders a crucial part was played by the german media and the german intelligentsia which turned the topic of the debate from Nazis and their murderous racism to the “deficiencies” of the secret services. The question of why anyone should deal with the improvement of Germany after Auschwitz is easily answered if anyone thinks of the extraordinary ability of the germans to productively exploit even their own past crimes. That nonetheless the absolute majority of the german left of all stripes even the most militant insists on improving this country, can be explained only by their passionate and unshakeable bond to their land and people. From how the bombing of Yugoslavia was justified as “averting of a new Auschwitz” to how the pogroms of the 90’s was the excuse for an army of “antiracist” academics and NGOs to find work.
Lets return though at the “Zwickau trio”. We believe that a better opportunity for an antifa group couldn’t have given and by the german state itself! It never was and it isn’t now the time for “critique of capitalism” or “critique of Islam” when your own state tells you that it supports nazi groups while german society as usual “knows nothing and hears nothing”.
In Greece on the other hand we are still at the stage of Rostock but the Greeks’ lust to become like the germans, guarantees us an increasingly more brown future. Just some moments of the rapid fascistisation of the greeks and their state: According to the Union of Immigrant Workers racist attacks have risen to the number of 500 in the last six months. And these are just the freelance attacks by Nazis and ordinary greeks. At the same time, the greek state was executing a police operation with the Orwellian name Xenios (i.e. Hospitable) Zeus. In the context of this operation, 34.000 immigrants and refugees were arrested in just 2 months. 3.000 of them were arrested and their deportation procedure has begun. Along with the immigrants hundreds of drug addicts, sex-workers and trafficking victims, a lot of them trans were also arrested. The Peoples’ will and national sovereignty at its’ best. Half of the SYRIZA voters (the radical part of greek society) stated their dissatisfaction at these measures because they judged them to be insufficiently harsh.
Also, across Greece detention centers are created for immigrants without papers. The left opposed them as a symptom of “the lack of an immigrant policy by the greek state”, thus supporting the racist protests of the mob(also known as “the people”). This wasn’t sufficient for the residents of Corinth, Xanthi, Komotini and Drama though. They took their fate at their own hands, self-organised (against the immigrants of course), demanded the removal of the “dirty immigrants” from their cities and fought the riot-police. In this just struggle they had as a natural ally the avant-garde of the greek working class, Golden Dawn.
To complete the picture we have to mention the existence of “national liberated areas” in Athens with main examples being Agios Panteleimonas, Attiki square and the area around the OSE station. In these areas it is dangerous for any non-white to move around during the night and nazi terror is an everyday reality. But also in those largely-immigrant areas (e.g. Omonoia, Viktoria,Ameriki square)where Nazis don’t have the upper hand ,greek police does the same job of terrorizing and brutalizing immigrants. Of course, the distinction is largely conventional if we consider that half of the greek cops voted for Golden Dawn. The Head of the Police after the question of a journalist concerning this issue replied that “we don’t care about the political beliefs of police officers as long as they are good at their job”. Of course, their “job” i.e. beating up immigrants is by no means “unrelated” to their political beliefs.
As their preferential treatment towards fascists and Nazis. Golden Dawn in particular enjoyed immunity long before their election results reached 7% and became a central topic in media debates. Two telling examples: In 1978 after 13 chain bombings in Athens and Piraeus the fuhrer of Golden Dawn Nikos Mihaloliakos is arrested along with other neo-Nazis. Mihaloliakos is sentenced in 13 months in prison. Periandros Androutsopoulos, then second in command of Golden Dawn after being prosecuted for beating up a leftist student was hiding with the help of the greek polic for 8 years. He had to fall in disfavor of Mihaloliakos for the police apparatus to move against him. Members of Golden Dawn haven’t lost their relationship to militant action. In September a member of Golden Dawn tried to put a bomb which detonated on his Aryan face.
And the left? The mainstream left promotes a nationalist anti-germanism which wants to free the Greek state from the “usurers”, and the “international banking lobby” (that reminds us of something) as well as the “Merkel dictatorship” and bring it in the service of the greek people(the same people who commit the kind acts which we just described) while the radical left dreams of a general uprising of this same people and at the same time defames the immigrants as drug dealers or shop owners (like those who were murdered by the NSU).
We shall close with the wise words of Café Morgenland:

Of course, the whole of Europe is a stinking sewer, but Germany remains the main supply tube.

Antifa Negative, November 2012.

(This communique will be announced in the demo of Antifa Jena and more comrades from all over germany against the state-sponsored and german-society-cultivated NSU killings)

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