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…for a faggot antifascism!

June 2011. The squares are crowded. The people? The people left their couches and took to the streets. Debate. Fermentation. Direct democracy. The people got to acquaint themselves with the real, human face of anarchy rather than with that portrayed in the 8 o’clock news. Those days were a rupture. From there onwards we would “storm into the sky”. The cops spoiled the party. The repressive pigs. With the Israeli tear gas. At that point, then, a bit before storming the skies, an awkward moment was due. It was the first and only time – it is true – that we set foot in Syntagma square. It was when on the 4thJune 2011, the gay pride parade run into the ‘indignados’. Given that it was summer, the coldness of the encounter had something beautiful. A celebration of homosexual pride was encountering a circus of national moaning and it was logical to expect some discontent on the part of the latter. But this text won’t talk about such easy to prove point: the widespread racism of Greek society against non-heteronormatives. We want, instead, to address the field of homophobia within anti-fascism, an immediate concern for us. Not to argue why it is not in our interest to maintain it. Besides, who is ‘us’? We would just like to elucidate it and put different foundations in the whole debate, our foundations. Continue reading…

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